Biomassevergaser biomax
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The biomass-gasifier biomax from extech bioenergy is suited for many different raw materials. Agricultural residual products and waste materials of your company can be used for the cogeneration and at the same time be disposed of in a cost-efficient way. Whether agricultural or forestry businesses with or without a biogas plant, sewage sludge disposal companies and municipalities – for all these organizations the gasification of biomass can contribute to the renewable energy production and the solution to waste disposal problems.

Use of agricultural and forestry residual products

  • Wood: forest residues, wood chips, SRC (Short Rotation Coppice)
  • Straw: crop straw, corn stover, rape stover, miscanthus
  • Roadside vegetation, grass
  • Landscape materials like reed
  • Pruning of vines
  • Manure: horse manure, dry chicken manure
Use of commercial waste materials

  • Sewage sludge
  • Waste wood, saw mill residues
  • Paper sludge
Integration in a biogas plant

  • Exploitation of digestate
  • Use of alternative raw materials for biogas plants to reduce substrate input
  • Bioenergy Fuels wood chipswood chips
  • Bioenergy Fuels crop wastecrop waste
  • Bioenergy Fuels paper sludgepaper sludge
  • Bioenery Fuels miscanthusmiscanthus
  • Biostrom strawstraw
  • Biostrom reedreed
  • Biostrohm sewage sludgesewage sludge