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The biomass-gasifier „biomax“ is based on the innovative technology of a mechanical fluidized bed. With the help of this innovative technology materials as wood, agricultural residual products and waste materials are turned into energy. Even quite small particles can be gasified residue-free: there is no clumping and fusion of ashes, problems that are current with other market standard techniques. Because of the spatial separation of oxidation and reduction zones no additional supply of oxygen is needed.

Trough gasification the solid fuels are transformed into the so-called synthesis gas, which is used for the cogeneration of electricity and heat. There are no problems with impurities like tar because of the new gas cleaning unit. Here, the impurities are dissolved in an oil-containing substance, transformed into short molecular chains and fed back into the biomass-gasifier. The clean synthesis gas is either injected in a cogeneration plant for the production of power and heat or fed into a biogas plant to reduce the input of substrate.

power prodcution from biomass composition The synthesis gas, the product of the gasification, is used for the heat and power prodcution from biomass (composition in % by volume).

The biomass-gasifier is offered in the following power ranges: 19 kWel., 30 kWel., 150 kWel., 250 kWel. und 500 kWel.. Depending on the power range the required space is 3 m x 10 m with a height up to 6 m.

The technology has been developed as part of a German funding program (Central Innovation Program SME). Several patent applications have been filed. bundesministerium wirtschaft technologie Bioenergiezim extech Bioenergy