Straw to voltage
Energie aus Biomasse
Regenerative Stromerzeugung, unabhängig von Sonne und Wind
Straw to voltage
Energy from biomass
Electricity from biomass
Electricity from waste materials
Decentralized power generation
Renewable energy production – independent from sun and wind
Innovative bioenergy plants
Flexible power generation
bio-energy power plants
biomax – the biomass-gasifier from extech bioenergy
Electricity from waste materials
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Cogeneration: power and heat from biomass and waste materials – the biomax from extech bioenergy

The innovative biomass-gasifier turns materials as wood, agricultural residual products and waste materials into energy. The solid fuels are transformed into the so-called synthesis gas, which is used for the cogeneration of electricity and heat. The bio-energy power plant is based on the innovative technology of a mechanical fluidized bed. The specific gas cleaning unit purges the synthesis gas from impurities like tars. The clean synthesis gas is either injected in a cogeneration plant for the production of power and heat or fed into a biogas plant to reduce substrate input. 

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Agricultural and forestry residual products, e.g. forest residues Waste-to-energy: commercial waste materials, e.g. sewage sludge Integration in a biogas plant to reduce substrate input and to exploit digestate

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Residual materials like straw and sewage sludge can be used for the power and heat cogeneration.
The decentralized generation of power and heat for the own use leads to savings concerning electricity and heating costs.
The feeding of power into the grid and the heat sale lead to additional earnings.
The CO2 savings contribute to the climate protection. The energy transition is pushed on.